Tuesday, May 21, 2013

> Damaged (Volume 1) Reviews

Great start to the series!
It is no secret that I have loved everything from this author. Damaged was no different. I really enjoyed Sidney. She is a character who has been through a lot in her life. Things that no teenager should ever have to go through. And for her family to not side with her is just awful. She has a really hard time committing and for a good reason. I am not going to tell you why because it's a big part of the book. You will have to read! Anyway, she accidentally runs in to Peter. He turns out to be a great guy. Someone she can really talk to and has went further romantically then anyone in a long time. She is still unsure if she can cross the line here. To much as happened in her past. There is also more involved with their relationship. Peter would lose his job if people found out about them and they are already suspicious. Will Sidney be able to risk everything for love? Her scholarship that she needs to keep in order to stay away from her family is on the line. Is love worth potentially...

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Damaged (Volume 1)

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