Wednesday, May 15, 2013

> Twisted Perfection Review

Is every new book going to have a cliffhanger or sequel these days?
I LOVE Abbi Glines, I love all of her books that I've read and I've read almost all of them. But seriously? Is every new book that comes out going to be a cliffhanger or "Book 1 of 2"?!? It's like the new trend.I've rated it with three stars because this book coulod have been a four or five star read, had the story been written in its entirety. I feel just a little jipped here, I regret waiting for other reviews prior to purchasing since I prefer the whole story in one sitting not broken down over a six month period.

I LOVE Woods. What I don't love is when a book is split into two books when it could have been one book, just longer. I love a delicious, fun, great book. One that wraps me up in warm and fuzzies and angst and gives it all in one shot for me.

At about 95% I was wondering how the hell this book was going to wrap itself up in a pretty bow with only 5% left. A book that is split into two short books instead of one longer one does not make me a happy...

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