Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Nora Roberts (and her alter ego J.D. Robb) are auto-buys for me, but she isn't always on top of her game, and here she bobbles the ball. From the very first pages, I was disappointed. First - though this would probably be the least of the problems for the average reader - there wasn't enough editing. I've noticed this over the past couple of years, and it may be due to churning out too many books on schedule. Ms. Roberts claims to write all her own books. Now consider that she produces two mysteries, one romantic suspense, and at least one novella each year. That's a pretty tight schedule and doesn't leave much room for the edits and rewrites that books are subject to. In this book, it's noticeable that "filler" words are used multiple times in a paragraph, and descriptive passages seem retreads from previous books. Second, the setting and some plot points are definitely reruns. Old family house on a hill/bluff/cliff overlooking the water? Try her MacGregor series, Calhoun series,...

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Whiskey Beach

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