Thursday, May 23, 2013

* In Flight (Up In The Air) (Volume 1) Big SALE

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I need to start keeping a list of male characters I would like to build for me only. It would kind of be like the movie `Weird Science' where the two geeks build a super model girlfriend named Lisa. But I would build James Cavendish, or Mr. Cavendish, depending on his mood.
Now that I have proclaimed my love for James, lets move on to the book. When I saw this on Goodreads, I knew I needed to have it and I got it, and it was GOOD! You are presented with these two main characters that are innately flawed to the core and in the beginning and you do not know why. You only know that it is the reason why they are they way that they are today. Bianca trusts no one besides her best friend and James loves no one. Through out this book, you start to realize that trust and love can happen, even if it is ever so slowly.
James is a go getter and sets his eyes on Bianca, who initially turns him down but it creates this wonderful friction of tension between that was most delightful...

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In Flight (Up In The Air) (Volume 1)

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